Casco Insurance by DZI General Insurance EAD

Subject of insurance

Insured are passenger cars, light trucks and truck vehicles, mopeds and motorcycles, road tractors, buses, trailers and semitrailers, trolleybuses, agricultural, construction, intra-factory, wheeled and crawler-type machinery.

Risks covered

Cover is ensured for events, grouped in different clauses that could lead to a partial or total loss of your vehicle, such as:

  • Natural disasters
  • Events in consequence of breakdown of equipment outside the motor vehicle – water-mains, sewerage, steam-mains, gas-mains, electricity power facilities, etc. – as well as of explosion of such installations
  • Fire and/or explosion due to technical failure
  • Road accidents
  • Accident fall of aircrafts or other matters on the vehicle
  • Malicious acts of third parties
  • Arson or explosion of a motor vehicle
  • Theft and robbery of a whole motor vehicle
  • Burglary of insured permanently built-in audio equipment 
  • Car assistance abroad – it ensures comfort upon traveling abroad (on the territory of the EU member states and the member states of the Green Card International Agreement), including specialized technical, transportation and legal assistance
  • Road assistance for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria upon insured event – free of charge for passenger cars and trucks of total weight up to 3,5 tons  
  • Possibility for including road assistance and upon technical failure (incl. erroneously loaded fuel), as well as higher limits, and supplementary services upon insured event (against additionally paid premium).

Territorial effect

Republic of Bulgaria, member states of the European Union (EU) and the member states of the Green Card Multiparty Agreement. The risks "Whole motor vehicle theft", „Whole motor vehicle robbery“, „Fire and/or explosion due to a technical failure“ and „Arson or explosion of vehicle", when the event has occurred on the territory of the countries Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Kosovo and on the territory of the state members of Green Card Multiparty Agreement, which are outside Europe, with the exception of the Republic of Turkey.

When concluding an insurance agreement, you have the possibility to choose how the damages to your vehicle to be repaired in case of an event. The options depend on the vehicle's age and the chosen special arrangement:

  • Official car service center Expenses are covered for the vehicle's repair in service center of official representative for the Republic of Bulgaria or according to presented original invoices. It is offered for all vehicle types of age up to 4 years and upon minimum amount of the premium and upon additional increase of the premium for passenger cars and trucks of total weight up to 3,5 tons and age - above 4 years and up to 8 years, upon minimum amount of the insured amount.
  • Trustworthy car service center Expenses are covered for repair in trustworthy car service center of DZI or according to presented original invoices. It may be negotiated for all vehicle types with no age limit and upon minimum amount of the premium, pursuant to the effective tariff of the insurer.
  • Expert valuation The amount of the due insurance indemnity is defined based on an expert valuation of the Insurer.
  • Repair works abroad It offers a possibility for repair of partial damages on the insured vehicle, performed on the territory of the country where the event has occurred. It is offered upon additional premium for vehicles of age up to 8 years.

What is the manner for insurance?

  • Upon concluding the insurance, the vehicle is provided for inspection to be performed by a DZI representative for determining its technical condition, identifying and any possible damages and lacks.
  • In order to conclude the policy, the following documents should be presented:
    • documents attesting the vehicle's ownership;
    • ID document of the owner;
    • Proposal for concluding the insurance:

Occurance of Insurance event

What to do upon occurrence of road accident - download

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