"Comfort for Home" Insurance

"Comfort for Home" Insurance by DZI General Insurance EAD is an advantageous way to protect your property and homeowner in equal monthly installments.

Main info

  • Insure your residential property against all insurable events in interest-free monthly instalments.
  • Extremely facilitated procedure for signing the insurance policy
    - no need of on-site inspection or filling in an inventory list of the insured property
    - automatic renewal of the insurance 
  • The  borrowers have the option to conclude an insurance policy in favour of UBB 

Major risks coverage

  • fire
  • earthquake
  • vandalishm
  • flood
  • thunder (lightning)
  • explosion
  • wind storm
  • torrential rain
  • hailstorm
  • snow storm  
  • landslide and subsidence
  • damages caused by smoke
  • collision or hit by a vehicle
  • weight due to the natural heaping of snow and ice

In case of an insured event

The insurance claim may be submitted via a UBB branch or directly sent to the Insurance company. 

In case of property insurance event, claims can be processed:

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