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To start on the public offer of SRI subfunds of UBB Experties after "Initial recording period"


07 June 2022

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that “KBC Asset Management NV”, Belgium, operating in the Republic of Bulgaria through “KBC Asset Management NV – Branch”, Bulgaria, has received permission from the Financial Supervision Commission, with decision № 164-DF of 08.03. 2022, for the organization and management of six new sub-funds of the Umbrella Fund „UBB ExpertEase“, as follows:

NAME OF THE SUB-FUND                          ISIN code
UBB ExpertEase SRI Defensive Conservative BG9000006221
UBB ExpertEase SRI Defensive Balanced BG9000005223
UBB ExpertEase SRI Defensive Tolerant BG9000004226
UBB ExpertEase SRI Dynamic Balanced BG9000003228
UBB ExpertEase SRI Dynamic Tolerant BG9000002220
UBB ExpertEase SRI Highly Dynamic Tolerant BG9000001222

United Bulgarian Bank AD, as an exclusive distributor, conducted a procedure for initial subscription of units in the above-mentioned sub-funds in the period from 9:30 am. on 04.04.2022 until 17.00 on 06.06.2022 ("Initial Subscription Period").

After the successful completion of the Initial Subscription Period, the public offering, including the submission of subscription and redemption orders of units in the above-mentioned sub-funds, has started to be carried out in the standard way, as of 13.06.2022, as the first net asset value, issue and redemption price of the units in the sub-funds will be announced on 14.06.2022 on the website of KBC Asset Management NV - Branch, Bulgaria www.ubbam.bg and on the website of the Distributor www.ubb.bg.

Investors can find the Prospectus of UBB ExpertEase, as well as the Key Investors’ Information Document of the sub-funds, in Bulgarian free of charge in all branches of the distributor “United Bulgarian Bank” AD within their usual working hours with clients, as well as on its website - www.ubb.bg, and on the website of “KBC Asset Management NV - Branch“ - www.ubbam.bg. Upon request, investors can receive a paper copy of these documents free of charge in all branches of “United Bulgarian Bank” AD within their normal working hours with clients.

IMPORTANT! This is a marketing comunication and does not constitute an investment consultation, advice, investment research or investment recommendation. The value of the units in the sub-funds changes over time and may be higher or lower than the value at the time of investment. No profits are guaranteed and there is a risk for investors not to refund the full amount invested. Therefore, please review the Prospectus and the Key Investors’ Information Document of the sub-fund before making a final investment decision. The offered feeder collective investment schemes constantly invest 85 percent or more of their assets in shares of the main collective investment schemes. Investments in collective investment schemes distributed by UBB are guaranteed by the Investor Compensation Fund in the amount of 90% of the value of all financial instruments held by UBB, but not more than BGN 40,000, and compensations are paid only in cases provided by law. Future results are subject to taxation, depending on the personal situation of each investor and may change over time. A summary of your rights as an investor is available at the following hyperlinks, in Bulgarian: 11074.pdf (ubbam.bg) and in English: 11365.pdf (ubbam.bg). We would like to inform you that “KBC Asset Management NV”, Belgium may decide to terminate the offering of these sub-funds on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

We wish you successful investments!


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