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Upcoming changes in UBB Online


12 July 2019

Dear clients,

As from 14.09.2019 there are amendments coming into force with regard to the Bank’s General Terms on Payment Services, their Online Banking section, relating to the application of the statutory requirements on the strong authentication of users of payment services, while working with online banking.

The introduction of these amendments aims at effecting payment services, offered electronically, in a secure manner through technologies that can guarantee the user’s secure authentication, as well as restrict fraud risk to the maximum possible extent.

What will change upon using the UBB Online service?

  1. The access to UBB Online will be made with a user name, login password and a uniquely generated one-time code/password. One-time codes/ passwords can either be sent as an SMS message or be generated by a hardware token, or by a software one, embedded in the mobile application UBB Mobile.
  2. There will be an option for creating lists of trusted beneficiaries and for managing payments to those.
  3. Upon effecting payments the system will continue requiring additional entry of a dynamic code / password, which is being generated for the respective payment.  Dynamic codes/ passwords can either be sent as an SMS message or be generated by a hardware token or by a software one, embedded in the mobile application UBB Mobile.
  4. Upon certain transactions, such as intrabank fund transfers between own accounts of the Client and payments to accounts of beneficiaries from the list of trusted ones, additional code/password will not be needed.
  5. The amendments’ introduction will discontinue the use of the following:
  • Digital certificates, issued by the Bank as well as the Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).
  • Hardware devices and mobile tokens
  • Access to UBB Online with only a user name and login password by both individual clients, as well as representatives of business clients. In order to continue using the service, upon login to online banking you will need to also enter a uniquely generated one-time code / password.

We recommend that you should initiate the needed actions for ensuring:

  • A hardware token, which you can obtain at a branch of the Bank, or
  • A software token, through activating the mobile application UBB Mobile, or
  • A recent mobile phone number for sending SMS passwords for UBB Online

Upon need of additional info you may contact us at the following telephone number 0 700 117 17 or visit a branch of the Bank.

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