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UBB Mobile now with a personalized offer for a pre-approved consumer loan and overdraft - fully online


12 November 2019

UBB, part of the Belgian financial group KBC, supplements the offers to its clients with a new innovative service - entirely digital process for taking a consumer loan or an overdraft without the need to apply for it. Clients who receive their monthly remuneration with UBB have, in their mobile banking, a personalized offer for a pre-approved consumer loan, in case they have given their prior consent to this. Those who have chosen to take advantage of the offer can, conveniently seated in their home or office, easily acquaint themselves with the documents sent to them and sign them with the click of a button, directly through their mobile phone via a Qualified Electronic Signature from Evrotrust.

In case clients do not have a Qualified Electronic Signature, they have the option to get one through their mobile phone within 3 minutes. The issuing happens in a few easy steps - download of the mobile application of Evrotrust from the AppStore or Google PlayStore, registration, identification and receipt of a QES certificate directly through the mobile application. The documents signed with QES are equivalent to those, signed personally on paper.

UBB is the first bank in Bulgaria with a fully digitalized process for offering pre-approved loans through a mobile banking application. The innovative banking service is of help to clients, as it provides them with a loan at their disposal, which they can easily and conveniently use on the move, in case of unplanned expenses or for all other possible needs of additional funds. The pre-approved consumer loan can be utilized on the current account of the client within hours after conclusion of the contract, during business days.

The process has been simplified to the maximum and facilitates clients, who will receive the loan contract on their mobile phone. They will be able to review and sign it and then send it back to the Bank. The installation of the application, as well as the signing and the sending of documents to UBB are utterly free of charge for the clients.

“The electronic authentication and the Qualified Electronic Signature are necessary prerequisites to enable the digitalization. Evrotrust’s mission is to make these services convenient and accessible to all individuals and companies. For the last 3 months there has been a significant increase in using those services and this is just the beginning. In UBB we see positive and sustainable activity, aimed to provide digital banking services”, commented Konstantin Bezuhanov, Executive Director of Evrotrust Technologies.

 “The users of UBB Mobile have increased by more than 88% from the start of the year, as our statistics for active users in the application shows a growth of 73%, which, for us, is a clear indication that clients are more and more seeking and using services entirely online and on the move. The current solution for a pre-approved consumer loan, which can be signed and utilized entirely remotely, without visiting a bank branch, is our response to this demand”, commented Peter Andronov, CEO of UBB and Country Manager of KBC Group for Bulgaria. “Of course, this solution is only possible thanks to our good partnership with Evrotrust and is yet another step towards enhancement of the user experience, fully based on the digital banking operations. We believe that the mobile banking has a much larger, unutilized potential for entirely digital active operations, as long as these opportunities are provided to users”, further stated Peter Andronov.

Thanks to the new mobile service UBB will expand the channels for sales of some of the most desired products, such as consumer loans and overdrafts, sparing its clients’ time and efforts.

The adding of new functionalities to the mobile banking is in line with UBB’s vision for modernization, digitalization and innovation of the Bank’s processes and services. As of November, each individual, client of the bank and using UBB Mobile, can also request issuance of a debit card directly through the application. Clients can choose a current account, which the card would be linked to, the card type and a convenient branch for receiving their plastic.

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