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UBB’s clients with an opportunity for paying taxes and fees to Sofia Municipality in real time


05 April 2013

  • The service allows for inquiries by taxable person’s account
  • Those who have paid their taxes by the end of April will utilize a discount of 5%

From today onwards UBB e-banking’s clients will be able to inquire, as well as pay in real time all types of local taxes and fees to the municipalities in the city of Sofia.

The new service is accessible through “Taxes and Fees” menu in UBB e-banking. Thanks to the established online connection for fees and taxes between the bank’s system and that of Sofia Municipality, clients are able to pay both their current and past obligations, as the payment will be reflected directly in Sofia Municipality’s system.

The intuitive menu enables clients to:

  • Make only an inquiry for the due taxes and fees or those already ordered for payment through the bank’s system, by entering their taxable person’s account number
  • Perform payment of due taxes and fees, selected by them

Thanks to the automated system, UBB e-banking’s clients will be able to pay all the due taxes and fees to Sofia Municipality, including the most popular ones:

  • Property tax
  • Waste disposal tax
  • Vehicle tax
  • Dog tax
  • Patent tax

Irrespective of the number of the paid obligations by a taxable person with one transaction, the bank will collect a one-off fee amounting to BGN 1. 

For each successfully performed operation, the client will be issued a receipt, containing detailed information about the paid tax obligation.

Additionally, UBB reminds that upon payment of property and vehicle tax for the current year through the bank’s new service by the end of April 2013, UBB e-banking’s customers will be able to utilize the 5% discount, provided by Sofia Municipality. 

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