Become a client of UBB in a fully digital way

and you may request a consumer loan of up to BGN 35 000.

The Advantages

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No visits to a branch of the Bank

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No signing of paper documents

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No queueing

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A secure and protected process you can rely on

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You save precious time

Follow the 6 main steps


Download the UBB Mobile application from Google Play or App Store and run the process


Fill out your main data


Download and activate the Evrotrust App from Google Play or App Store. Identify yourself and confirm the email address you register with.


Go back to UBB Mobile and fill out the additional data


Sign the documents, generated by UBB, in the Evrotrust App


You are already a client of ours. Activate UBB Mobile and open your first account with UBB.

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Additional advantages of UBB Mobile

  • Online payments in Bulgarian leva and foreign currencies between own accounts, third persons, the State Budget, made with a fingerprint (or face recognition) for greater security
  • Monitoring of account balances and movements, filtering, based on own criteria
  • Requesting a debit and credit card
  • Requesting a consumer loan up to BGN 35 000.
  • Deposit opening
  • Blocking/ Activating cards in real time
  • Deferral of credit card purchases into 3, 6, 9 and 12 installments
  • Registration and payment of utility bills
  • Pre-approved mOBBi consumer loan as a standing offer
  • Conclusion of a Travel Abroad Insurance policy

Request a credit product remotely:

Via the mobile banking in “Request” menu you can obtain consultancy about a desired credit product:

  • Consumer loan (excluding loans, upon which a mandatory insurance is needed and such with pledge of cash funds) up to BGN 35 000.
  • Consumer overdraft
  • Credit Card

Application channels

Initiated request by the client via a call/ video call in the Contact Center. Inquiry received from a client in the Contact Center via:


Eligibility criteria

Clients with stated official income at the National Social Security Institute or payroll with UBB, owners of companies with published official financial statements for the last two years on the website of the Commercial Register.

Application and drawdown procedure

An official from the Bank’s Contact Centre will reach the client for:

  • Initial consultation and clarification of parameters
  • Remote fill out of an application in the Bank’s software

All documents will be signed via the Evrotrust App.
The loan will be transferred to an account of the client.


Your security is guaranteed

  • Encrypted data
  • Software token
  • Qualified Electronic Signature
  • Access with biometric data

Any questions?

What do I need to become a UBB client via my smartphone or tablet?


 In order to run the process you need to meet several basic requirements:

  1. To be a Bulgarian citizen aged over 18.
  2. To be a holder of a valid ID card
  3. To have a mobile device with either Android or iOS operating system
  4. To have access to Internet via your mobile device
  5. Not to be an existing client of UBB

How much time do I need to become a UBB client via my mobile device?


 It usually needs up to 11 minutes to complete the process.

What devices may I use to register as a UBB client?


UBB’s mobile app functions on devices with a mobile operating system Android 5.0 (or higher) or iOS 9 (or higher).

How much would it cost me to use the UBB Mobile app?


Use of the UBB Mobile app is utterly free of charge.

What are the process-related steps?


Follow the main steps below:

  1. The Evrotrust application should then have been activated on your mobile device, you should have identified yourself therein and confirmed the email address you registered with. You can download the application from App Store or Google Play
  2. Download the UBB Mobile app from App Store or Google Play
  3. Run the process by selecting the „Become a Client Online“ button
  4. Fill out your Personal ID Number and the needed fields with information about you
  5. Confirm your data in the Evrotrust app
  6. Go back to UBB Mobile and continue the process
  7. Sign the documents, received from UBB, in the Evrotrust app
  8. You are already a client of UBB. You will receive your user name at the stated by you email address, while your password will arrive in an SMS.
  9. Activate UBB Mobile and open your first account with UBB.

You can watch a demo video of the process here.

I have installed UBB Mobile in my mobile device, but I cannot activate the application


To activate UBB Mobile you need to be a client of UBB. For the purpose you should run and successfully complete the registration process as a UBB client. In order to run it, from the home screen of the app select the „Become a Client Online“ button.
In case of difficulties you can watch the demo video in our YouTube channel here.

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