UBB and CIBANK align ATM fees for their clients

Both banks together have a network of over 850 ATMs throughout the country

UBB and CIBANK have launched the joint process of enhancing their terms and conditions on products and services for their clients, by making their ATM withdrawal fees equal. Clients of both UBB and CIBANK can now use any ATM of the two banks against one and the same withdrawal fee, as at that of their card-issuing bank. They can also check their balance on ATMs of both banks using equal terms. Thus, through having their withdrawal fees aligned, clients obtain additional benefits for one of the most frequent banking operations – ATM cash withdrawal.

This step is the first of a series towards making the terms and conditions for their clients uniform, in line with the forthcoming merger into the new United Bulgarian Bank.

Jointly, UBB and CIBANK have a wide ATM network, comprising over 850 ATMs throughout the country. Part of those have enabled cash deposit functionality. Earlier this year CIBANK made another innovation in the sector, by installing the first contactless ATMs in Bulgaria, enabling withdrawal of amounts through contactless cards.

There are more joint services of the two banks yet to come, which will be to the benefit of their clients and about which banks will gradually inform them. Following the acquisition of UBB by the Belgian bancassurance group KBC in June this year, both companies – UBB and CIBANK - continue to function as two separate banks. However, after their legal merger at the beginning of 2018 they are going to offer identical products and services to their clients under one common name – UBB.

CIBANK, UBB, its subsidiaries and DZI thus become the largest bancassurance group in Bulgaria, one of the main markets of КВС Group. КВС Group is already active on the lease market too, as well as on the asset management and factoring markets in Bulgaria, by offering to its clients the full range of financial services. 


The Belgian bancassurance group KBC has been present in the Bulgarian financial sector since 2007 with its subsidiaries CIBANK and DZI. In 2017 KBC Group acquired UBB, UBB Asset Management, UBB Factoring, UBB Insurance Broker, Interlease and 60% of UBB MetLife. After the forthcoming CIBANK-UBB merger the new united bank will be the third-ranking bank in Bulgaria in terms of assets of nearly EUR 5.1 billion, with approximate market share of 11%.