Payment by credit card of utility bills



The new service is identical to the currently offered “Payment of utility bills through a current account” and has the same characteristics:
  • Possibility to register the service in a branch, through the Client Service Center and by e-banking.
  • Possibility for manual or automatic confirmation of payments.
  • Receipt of SMS notification about incoming, paid and unpaid obligations.
  • Monthly administration fee of BGN 0.50 and a fee of BGN 0.30 for each of the first six payments effected in the respective month. All payments after the sixth one within the month are free-of charge.
  • Information about the effected utility payments is available in the monthly credit card statements.
  • Possibility to pay obligations of both the account holder and of third parties.
Distinctive characteristics of the new service:
  • The credit card limit can be used to pay utility obligations.
  • Possibility to use a grace period – payments are treated as purchases at POS terminal.
  • The service is offered for all credit card types, with the exception of OK cards.
Full information about the service is available in UBB branch network or at 0700 117 17 in the Clients Service Centre, as well as in the product description here .