U-code secures E-banking transactions


The device generates six-character password valid within 32 seconds

Electronic device generates passwords for single use for the purpose of enhancing the security of access to Internet banking for active operations.

UBB E-banking customers need only todouble press the U-code button in order to provide with secure access to UBB –U-online Internet banking.

Pressing the button once brings asingle use password, which must be entered in the field shown by U-online. The password is a six-character one and will be valid within 32 seconds.

Before the password validity has expired, the customer has to press once again the U-code button in order to receive a 3-digit website validity code, which you should compare with that shown on U-online.

U-code provides:

* Security – additional protection for effecting operations, together with your login passwords and banking certificate
* Universality – one U-code device for all company and personal accounts
* Convenience – user-friendly, with no additional installation of software
* Mobility – access any time, anywhere worldwide
* Independence– no SMS passwords
* Reliability – 5-year usage period of the U-code device
* Low price – usage fee 30 BGN payable once-off
* No restrictions – for all clients of the Bank