UBB will present its clients with devices for secure online banking


Since November 4, 2013 UBB will be presenting U-code devices to any client of the Bank, who has activated online banking for active operations. U-code is an electronic device which generates single-use passwords for the purpose of enhancing the security of access to Internet banking for active operation purposes.

Thanks to the initiative by the end of 2013 or until depletion of quantities any existing or new client, willing to execute active operations with online banking, may receive a free-of-charge device at a UBB AD branch of his/her choice.

After registering the U-code device, the use of a qualified electronic signature (QES) and the sending of SMS passwords for active operations shall be automatically deactivated.

Additional information on the conditions for obtaining the devices is available at 0 700 117 17, as well as at any UBB branch. Further information on the U-code device benefits and advantages you will find on theproduct’s page.