UBB offers a new promotional interest rate of only 6.9% for purchases with credit cards


All current and future holders of UBB credit cards will be able to take advantage of the special promotional interest rate of 6.9 % on all their purchases, made and accounted within the period 27.10.2014 – 27.01.2015.

The Bank’s offer is being made on the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays in view of enabling UBB cardholders to buy gifts for their friends and relatives at an attractive interest rate and without delaying their purchases.

According to the promotion terms and conditions as of 27.01.2015 the outstanding amounts of purchases, made during the promotional period, will be accrued with the interest rate as per the signed credit card agreement.

Annual Percentage Rate(APR): For a standard credit card with a credit limit of BGN 3 000 over a period of 12 months.APR for purchases – 16.36 %, under the following terms:promotional interest rate for the initial 3 months  – 6.90%, interest rate for purchases over the remaining loan period – 16.5 %; including the survey fee  – BGN 0 and the annual payment instrument – card –maintenance fee for the first year  – BGN 18. Annual payment instrument – card –maintenance fee for each subsequent year BGN 48. Total amount  due BGN 3252.03.