UBB provides 5% bonus for its customers - a reduction of the amount of each payment of utility bills made ​​with UBB credit cards


UBB launches a 5% cash back on each payment of utility bills made with UBB credit cards. The campaign is aimed at all newly registered and current cardholders who have added a new company to the service "Payment of utility bills with credit card" in the period 01.11.2012 - 31.12.2012.

The maximum amount per transaction to be bonused is 250 Levas included. The maximum amount of the bonused transactions on one credit card is 2000 Levas.

All cardholders with Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard, Visa Gold, MasterCard Gold, UBB Globul MasterCard and Visa Electron can participate in the campaign.

The bonus will be paid only once after 07.02.2013 for transactions only toward newly added companies, posted by 01.02.2013 to current customers without current delays to the date of the bonus payment.