UBB offers a new consumer loan for consolidating liabilities


The new United Loan by UBB allows for consolidating all unsecured liabilities in various financial institutions into one single consumer loan- it is convenient, easy and at a good price!

Every client willing to plan better his/her personal budget, or to repay one single debt in only one bank as well as to obtain additional funds may take advantage of the convenient and financially attractive United Loan.
Clients who receive their monthly salaries in accounts with UBB or have regular proceeds in a Comfort account will also benefit from the preferential interest rates.
Additionally, the Bank offers promotional application fee until 31st of December 2012.

The maximum amount of the consumer loan for consolidating liabilities is up to BGN 20 000 and its repayment period - up to 10 years. The maximum age of applicants as of the loan maturity date should not exceed 70 years.

Further information on the new United Loan is available here.