UBB reduces the interest rates for new mortgage loans down to 6.50% in BGN and EUR


6.50% is the promotional interest rate on new mortgage loans in BGN and EUR, which UBB offers to its clients by the end of June 2012. 

Everyone willing to purchase a real estate or to refinance an existing loan with another bank for the purchase of a residential estate, may already take advantage of the identical promotional interest rate for BGN and EUR, equaling 6.50% upon payroll or regular proceeds in Comfort account with UBB.
As an addition to the promotional offer, there are also the following preferential fees, valid for new loans by 30.06.2012:
  • No survey fee  for all mortgage loan types

  • 0% fee for prepayment with own funds after the 3rd year of the loan period

  • 3 times lower preferential draw down fee– 0.50% of the loan amount, dependent on the payroll and Comfort package conditions

  • 0% draw down fee for clients who are willing to refinance a mortgage loan for purchase of a residential estate

UBB provides its clients with the opportunity for preliminary approval of the loan amount before having selected the property they are willing to purchase.
The maximum amount of mortgage loans for residential purchase is up to BGN 500 000 or up to EUR250 000 and a repayment period of up to 35 years, as the maximum age of borrowers as of the loan maturity is up to 70 years.