UBB MetLife presented the prize for insurance program “Deposit protector”


Nevena Mitkova Kalaidzhieva, a customer of Kiuchuk Paris branch – Plovdiv, is the winner of the first from many prizes for UBB Metlife customers, who have taken advantage of the coverage offered by “Deposit protector” programme of the company. 

The prize of 2000 BGN was drawn in September at a lottery in a notary’s presence and a 3-member committee. All customers with single payment or at least 3 monthly installments paid were in for the lottery.

The program “Deposit protector” provides for the deposit owners in UBB protection and support in case of unexpected situations due to accident. The program covers the most frequently occurring events in our daily life, varying from broken bones or burns to loss of life or hospital stay. 

The next prize of 2000 BGN will be drawn in December, 2012.