The 18-year partnership between UBB AD and Apollonia Festival of Arts goes on

  • Beloslava is the winner of the special prize, awarded by UBB AD within the Apollonia Festival of Arts

  • The Bank has initiated a photography contest for photographs through which to collect the story of Apollonia Event as seen through the lens of its fans 

In 2012, for 18th consecutive year United Bulgarian Bank (UBB AD) will support the Apollonia Festival of Arts, which will be held in Sozopol town in the period from 30th August until 8th September. The event, which annually brings together some of the best musicians, painters, actors and artists from various genres, will transform once again the ancient town at the Black sea coast into a capital city of Bulgarian Culture during the days of the Festival through its attracting of thousands of fans.
In the year when UBB AD celebrates a successful 20-year presence on the Bulgarian market, the Bank will again award its traditional prize at the Apollonia Festival. This year the plastic work of art by the sculptor Lina Madzharova will go to the singer Beloslava, as announced at the press conference today by Anka Kostova, Manager of PR and Sponsorship Unit in UBB AD. The unique performer, distinguished by its gentle voice and timbre stands one of the emblems of contemporary Bulgarian music over the past two decades.
At today's press conference on the occasion of the upcoming Festival of Arts in Sozopol town, the Apollonia Foundation and UBB AD have also announced the launch of My Apollonia Photo Contest for photographs from previous Apollonia events since its onset in 1984 until 2011 inclusive. Anyone may send their photos for participation in the contest, as the photo contest will be held at the official fan website of Apollonia on Facebook: where the entire rules are published. The winner, who is to be nominated by the vote of Facebook users, will receive a cash prize of BGN 300, provided by UBB AD as well as two passes for all events of Apollonia Y2012 Festival. There will be passes for the Festival events and honorary diplomas for the authors of the photographs with second and third ranks. The submitting of pictures and the voting will be open from today until 29th August 2012 inclusive, and winners will be announced on 30th August 2012.
On the 31st August at the Amphitheatre Apollonia Y2012 Event will be officially opened with a concert of the internationally renowned opera singer Alexandrina Pendachanska and the pianist Lyudmil Angelov. The ten-day program also includes a variety of performers and bands, among which Akaga and Lyubo Kirov, Mariana Popova and Dani Milev, Vassil Petrov, Dobrin Vekilov- Doni’s Acoustic Beatles Project, Kotzeto Kalki, Slavcho Nikolov from B.T.R. and Venko Toromanski from the former Te Group, featuring Kiril Marichkov, Angel Zaberski Big Band Brass Association, etc. The guests of the traditional UBB CLUB will be able to enjoy the performance of Hilda Kazasyan, Eva quartet, TRI O FIVE, Petar Slavov Quartet, featuring international celebrities from the USA and Israel, etc. The Apollonia Y2012 Event will welcome as guests Sofia’s leading theatre companies and the voices of poets and writers of different generations will be heard once again in the Art Gallery in the Old Part of town. There will be exhibitions of painters, whose works are part of international collections- Andrey Daniel, Tzvetan Kazandzhiev, Stefan Bozhkov, Kolyo Karamfilov, Alexander Sertev etc. New Bulgarian feature and documentary films will be shown within the festival program.