Deposit Insurance

Deposit Plus Insurance Program provides deposit holders with protection and financial support in case of unforeseen accident related events.


  • The certainty of keeping your savings intact in case of unforeseen arduous occasions.
  • In case of a fatal event the relatives will receive an additional compensation equalling to three (two) times the deposit's amount as at the moment of signing the policy.
  • Coverage upon frequenting accidents in everyday life.
  • The compensation amounts up to BGN 500 000 or EUR 250 000.
  • A free-of-charge grace period dependign on the deposit term.

Covered risks

Deposit Plus covers the following risks:
- Loss of Life as a result of accident - three (two) times the deposit's amount
- Permanent Total Disability - three (two) times the deposit's amount
- Permanent Partial Disability - % of the tripled (doubled) amount of the deposit

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