Debit and Credit Cards Insurance

Full/Double Protection Insurance Program by UBB - MetLife Life Insurance Company AD and Nova Ins EAD (UBB-AIG Insurance Company AD) has been established especially for UBB clients and is intended to offer maximum protection to users of Debit and Credit cards. In addition to Accident Insurance, clients are protected also in case of card abuse and loss/theft of ID documents.

Accident Insurance Coverage by UBB - MetLife

  • Upon loss of Life or Permanent Total disability due to Accident, the insurance company will pay a compensation amounting to BGN 5000.
  • Upon inpatient care due to Accident, the insurer will pay BGN 15 for each day of the inpatient care after a one-day elimination period.
  • The coverage under a group policy 2009 is loss of life or total permanent disability due to Accident in the amount of BGN 8000.

Insurance coverage by Nova Ins EAD

  • Debit/Credit card abuse as a result of the card's loss or theft. The coverage refers to expenses for re-issuing of ID documents, stolen or lost with the card.
  • Robbery of funds, withdrawn from an ATM or at an office of the Bank with a bank card. This coverage is not included in group polices 2334 and 2339.

In case of an Accident insured event

The insured event claim may be submitted through a UBB branch or directly to the insurance company.

Detailed information about the required documents or at a branch of UBB.

In case of insured event covered by Nova Ins EAD

The insurance claim may be submitted via a UBB branch or directly sent to the Insurance company.  

Detailed information about the documents needed or at a branch of UBB.

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