"Zakrila" Insurance Program

"Zakrila" Insurance Program by DZI ensures coverage upon frequenting and arduous situations, arising from an accident and stand an unique opportunity for obtaining a "Second Opinion" by a medical doctor.

Main info

Insurance Program "Zakrila" by UBB Life Insurance ЕAD ensures coverage:          

  • Upon frequenting and arduous events, resulting from accident;        
  • Unique opportunity for obtaining a "Second Opinion" by a medical doctor:
                - You obtain a second opinion by a medical doctor in case of 30 diseases and all life-threatening medical conditions;
                - Medical doctors practising in the best hospitals in the USA will render personal consultation to you.
                - You can rely on the accuracy of the diagnosis and the prescribed medical treatment. 
  • Coverage of fractures and burn-related costs;
  • Opportunity for a family program or such to a third-party benefit.


  • You dispose of a considerable amount in difficult situations for taking care of yourself and your relatives
  • You get protection in case of daily home and workplace accidents
  • You secure protection from an accident and all associated aftermaths.
  • The program may be triggered in favor of a third party
  • Family program option
  • Option for even higher compensations with  Protection Gold Program
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