ATM Deposits

Benefit from a user-friendly, easy and secure way for depositing cash at an ATM under UBB debit and credit cards at 60 ATMs in 31 towns.

About the ATM Deposit Service

An opportunity for all clients of UBB to deposit cash into their debit or credit cards at certain ATMs, upon:

  • Credit card limit repayment
  • Repayment of consumer and mortgage loans, linked to debit card accounts.
  • Depositing of money in current accounts, linked to debit cards.
  • Depositing daily turnovers of commercial sites in a company account, linked to a card.

ATM Deposit Options

  • ATMs accept Bulgarian banknotes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Bulgarian leva.
  • Banknotes of different denominations can be placed at a time.
  • Depending on the ATM’s type, up to 50 or 90 banknotes can be deposited per transaction.

Deposited Funds’ Accounting Treatment

  • Funds, deposited in debit cards, will be posted to the current account linked to the card, while credit card installments will be directly posted to the credit limit.
  • The posting to the card balance will be effected immediately and the deposited funds will be added to the increase of  the disposable balance.
  • Installments’ Accounting Treatment
    • Immediately - if the deposit is made during the business hours of the bank.
    • After business hours – during the first business day, following the transaction date.
  • A receipt will be printed for each installment , containing data about the total deposited amount and the balance after the transaction.  
  • The bank will send a free-of-charge SMS message, confirming the effected transaction.
  • Installments under cards, linked to foreign currency accounts, will be converted at the exchange rate of the bank on the day of posting the accounting entry.

Service Cancellation:

  • There is an option for the client to cancel the transaction after placing the banknotes, upon which the same banknotes will be returned. 
    Transaction Security 24/7

All ATMs, accepting cash installments, are located at the façades of the bank’s branches which guarantees further security for transactions and 24/7 video surveillance.

Main steps for making an ATM Deposit

  1. Select “Cash to Card” from the ATM’s main menu.
  2. Accepted banknotes will be displayed on the screen.
  3. The slot intended for placing the banknotes will open and the banknotes need to be placed lengthwise without folding them.
  4. The ATM will accept the banknotes for verification.
  5. The total amount of the deposited banknotes will be displayed on the screen with three different options available: 
    1. Upon selecting „Deposit Amount”, the installment will be accepted and once the PIN is entered the card account balance will be updated with the deposited amount.
    2. Upon selecting „Add Banknotes” the slot for banknotes will open and you can place additional banknotes. After placing the banknotes for the installment, you should select “Deposit Amount” option in order to register the installment.
    3. By selecting „Cancel” the placed banknotes will be returned and the transaction will be suspended
  6. The screen of the device will display a confirmation about the completed transaction. A receipt will be printed for each registered installment, detailing the total deposited amount and the card account balance after the transaction.


ATM Deposit Locations

To find out locations for using the service, please, refer to our map of branches and ATMs, by selecting the "ATM Deposit" filter. 

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