UPAY - UBB's e-services gateway

UPAY - UBB’s e-services gateway provides you with an opportunity to pay your utility bills, taxes, credit obligations as either a registered, or a non-registered user. Moreover, being a client of UBB you obtain information easily and conveniently and track your current account and credit card movements.

Payments through UPAY

UPAY (www.ubbpay.bg) – UBB’s e-services gateway provides you with an opportunity to pay your:

  • utility bills,
  • municipal fees and taxes,
  • credit obligations to UBB.

In order to make a payment you don’t need to be a client of UBB or to be a registered user of the site. It is sufficient to have a valid credit or debit card, suitable for online payments.  Payments on the site can be executed with both personal, as well as with company bank cards.
You can create a template for payments to utility companies and upon every subsequent login in UPAY and selecting the Pending Payments option, the amounts presently due by you will be displayed automatically.
In order to pay a utility bill you only need to know the subscriber number with the respective company.

In order to pay fees and taxes to municipalities you need to know the Taxable Person’s Account Number or the Vehicle’s Registration Plate Number, as well as the taxable person’s Personal ID Number/ Company ID Number/ Foreigner’s ID Number.

In order to pay an instalment on a credit product you need to know the borrower’s Personal ID Number or the latter’s Client Number with UBB. 

Services for UBB clients

UPAY (www.ubbpay.bg) provides UBB clients free-of-charge with the opportunity to:

  • be granted access to their monthly credit card statements,
  • be granted access to their monthly current account statements,
  • refuse paper statements on their credit card,
  • additionally protect their credit card with the UBB 3D Secure service.

These services are available to registered users only and require additional authentication.

Authentication is performed only once upon the initial login in Services for UBB Clients menu. An authentication page will be displayed where it is necessary to enter a Personal ID Number or the UBB client’s number and you will receive an SMS message for additional authentication purposes at the telephone number, provided by you for contact upon your registration as a client of UBB.

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