Client Contact Centre

Call 0700 117 17 or *7171 for info, assistance or to effect transactions!


UBB Client Contact centre offers a wide range of services, enabling you to not only ask day-to-day questions, related to the Bank’s products, but effect financial transactions as well.

UBB Client Contact Centre offers the following financial services:

  • Fund transfers between your own accounts, as well as fund transfers in Bulgarian leva and foreign currency to other UBB clients
  • Transfer of funds to a credit card, issued by UBB
  • Registration and confirmation of utility bills’ payment

Being a UBB cardholder, you can take advantage of the versatile Contact Centre services, such as:

  • Card blocking /deblocking,
  • Requesting a new PIN code or card plastics,
  • Transactions and monthly statements info
  • Changing a branch for receipt of a card, address for sending account statements, etc.

Last but not least, UBB Contact Centre can render you consultations and assistance about banking or insurance products and use of all alternative banking channels.

If you wish to effect over-the-phone fund transfers, or to be serviced quickly and effectively, you need to:

  • Register for using over-the-phone services at a branch of the bank, at 0700 117 17 or *7171. Upon registration you will be given a User Number and the option to select manner for generating one-time passwords – via a U-Code device or an SMS
  • Dial 0700 117 17, press button 1 – for Contact Centre system login
  • Enter the 8-digit User Number, obtained upon registration for the service, after which you need to also input the 6-digit one-time password, generated by either a U-Code device or received with an SMS. Thus your call will be attended to by an official of ours with priority.

Detailed operating procedure of our Contact Centre is available here.

Which button can suit your needs?

Press button 0 - For stolen or lost cards

Stolen or lost cards

By pressing main button 0 – for lost or stolen cards - you need to enter your Personal ID Number and connect to an operator, whom you will notify about a lost or stolen bank card.

Press button 1 - For Call Center System login

Call Center System login

By pressing main button 1 – for Call Center System login - you need to enter an 8-digit User Number and afterwards you will hear a message, requesting a One-time password. The one-time password will be generated by an SMS message or a U Code device, dependent on what you have selected upon your Registration for over-the-phone services. Upon correct User Number and password input, you will contact an official of ours who will help you make a fund transfer or another financial transaction or will guide you through the products, utilized by you.

Press button 2 - For UBB Retail Clients

For UBB Retail Clients

By pressing main button 2 – for Retail Clients - you may choose one of the following options:

Button 1 – If you are a UBB client, utilizing a banking, insurance or investment product
Having entered your Personal ID Number, you will be routed to an operator, who will ask questions to authenticate your client registration and will service you.

Button 2 – If you are a natural person – client of UBB E-banking
Enter your Personal ID Number, after which you will contact a Call Centre official of ours, who will render assistance following your successful personal authentication.

Button 3 – Products /Promotions Info.

Press button 3 - For UBB Business Clients

For UBB Business Clients

By pressing main button 3 – for UBB Business Clients - you may choose one of the following options:

Button 1 – if you are a business client of E-banking, your call will be routed to our E-banking experts, for asking them questions and obtaining help upon occurred issues.

Button 2 – for clients with UBB Company Cards. Calls will be routed to an on-duty Card Center official.

Button 3 – For merchants with UBB POS terminals. Calls will be routed to an on-duty Card Center official.

In case you wish to be serviced in English, please select main button 4For service in English 

In case you wish to be serviced in  English, please select main button 4

The alternatives you have are three: 

Button 1 – to inform in English of a lost or stolen card 
Button 2  to access the Call Centre system in the English language 
Button 3– for help and information again upon utilization of banking products

Or give us a call
0700 117 17
Short number for local calls by Bulgarian mobile network subscribers
+3592 483 1717
For local and international calls
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