UBB 3D Secure: Secure card payment in Internet

We invest in your security! We are pleased to present to you our service for secure card payments in the Internet

About UBB 3D Secure

UBB 3-D Secure is a cardholder authentication service for online Internet transactions that UBB offers in conjunction with the International Card Organizations VISA and MasterCard.

With the branded services “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode” we provide additional security to the online purchase process, making Internet experience safer and protecting your cardholder identity.

This is an authentication scheme through which each party in the transaction process is authenticated to the other party. Cardholder identification is achieved through the exchange of a secret password that identifies a cardholder to the Issuer of his/her card. The Issuer then confirms this identity to the merchant.

The International Card Organizations stand in between the transaction parties, providing liaison and registration services for the participants.

In this way, the cardholder knows he/she is transacting at a bona-fide merchant, and the merchant knows that the real cardholder is paying with the card.

Advantages of UBB 3D Secure service

UBB 3-D Secure protects you from identity theft and card frauds.

Enrollment in the 3-D secure authentication schemes gives you not only security but also more chargeback rights. If the Internet merchant does not participate in a 3-D Secure authentication scheme, it will not be able to authenticate you, hence, cannot prove that it was really you making the transaction.

This will safeguard you from malicious attempts for ascribing card transactions on your account.

How to enroll for UBB 3D Secure

You have a VISA / Visa Electron or MasterCard / Maestro card issued by UBB?

United Bulgarian Bank automatically registers the cards of its clients in the UBB 3-D Secure authentication scheme. The service is utterly free-of-charge!

Should you need more detailed information, as well as for the purpose of administering your registration, please visit the web pages of the 3-D Secure-branded schemes of the International Card Organizations -“Verified by Visa”  of VISA and “Verified by Visa” of Mastercard.
The additional Registration Management service involves card activation functionality, in case the card has been locked due to exceeding the number of password entry attempts.

Upon questions or need of assistance for your registration or use of the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, you may refer to the Client Contact Centre of United Bulgarian Bank at its 24/7 hotline 0700 11717.




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