UWIN Bonus Programme

Now UBB cards have another advantage – you earn bonuses while shopping with them!

About UWIN

Each holder of a Visa Classic, Visa Electron, MasterCard Standard, Visa Gold, MasterCard Gold credit card and World Debit MasterCard participates into the UWIN program for clients having UBB cards.

Find out how you can win bonuses while shopping with UBB cards in the network of merchant partners.

  • Pay regularly with your credit card or World Debit MasterCard in the merchant sites, bearing the program logo! Thus you accumulate bonus in cash, representing percentage of the value of the purchase made.
  • The bonus accumulated provides a discount on the cost of subsequent purchases at the merchant sites, involved in the program. If your bonus is redeemed upon purchase, the amount will be transferred to your card through an automatic transaction immediately after the purchase.  
  • It’s up to you to either utilize the bonus during subsequent purchase or continue collecting more bonuses.
  • When shopping at merchants, involved in the program, you can check the bonus currently accumulated in your card, at a POS terminal, marked with a sticker.
  • The bonuses, accumulated under Uwin Loyalty Programme can be checked also via the Bank’s e-banking.

Thorough information on the program is available in the appended Terms and Conditions of UBB Loyalty Program for Cards Holders.

Partners under the UWIN program

See the partners, involved in UBB AD UWIN Loyalty Program and the amount of the bonus-forming percentage, available in Useful Documents Section.  

General Terms

Please, inform yourself of the complete terms and conditions, accompanying the UWIN program in Useful Documents Section and benefit from the Program's advantages.

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