UBB Video banker

Remote video meetings with experts of the bank and other entities of KBC Bulgaria group for enterprises

UBB Video banker

This service gives you the possibility to have audio and video contact, to share and discuss documents and screens, regardless of whether you use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or a personal computer.

UBB Video Banker provides you with the necessary flexibility to have meetings with UBB experts without leaving your office or while travelling. You also have an option to join your employees to the conversation, no matter where they are at the moment. The service is available for UBB clients at no additional fees

The service is available to you at no additional fees.

UBB Video banker is rendered through Microsoft- the leading video connection provider in the world, which has already gained the trust of numerous micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and international corporations, thanks to its high quality connection.

How to use
UBB Video Banker

In order to use the service, you have to request a date and time for an upcoming meeting . After confirmation by UBB expert, you will receive an invitation via email, containing a link that you have to follow in order to join the virtual meeting room.

To hold the virtual meeting, you should have access to the Internet, with no video connection limitation, camera on your device, speakers (headphones) and a microphone.

Download for mobile device:

How does UBB Video Banker works


Fill in the reservation form


You will receive a link at your email to the virtual meeting after a call from UBB


At the agreed day and time, click the link, and a page will open and ask you to launch the application.


Launch the application and wait to be connected

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure are my connection and data?

UBB is currently using a connection only via an application for Skype for business and application/browser for MS Teams, which ensures a high level of connection security . If needed, your IT department can get acquainted with Microsoft's security.

What kind of Internet connection is required?

In order to connect, you need a 3G connection or cable internet with a minimum speed of 55 Mbps, standard for the lowest tariffs of most operators in Bulgaria. Best results will be achieved by wired internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Why do I need to download an application or addon?

Microsoft's application and addon ensures maximum security and quality of the connection with the Bank.

Are the video meetings being recorded?

UBB does not record video meetings except after client's approval