UBB Gallery

About UBB Gallery

UBB Gallery is an especially created artistic space. United Bulgarian Bank, after its acquisition by KBC Group, has taken up the challenge to preserve its ex Head Office as a token of care for the inherited premises and turn them into an attractive place for the local community. Therefore it was rendered home to more than 225 art pieces and antiques, distributed, based on expert valuation, into three categories: gold, silver and bronze. The cause to preserve the Bulgarian heritage united UBB’s employees and motivated them to dedicate time and efforts to turning the emptied bank branch into welcoming artistic space and a community centre. At present UBB Gallery is open to visitors six days a week. UBB may lend the gallery space free of charge to artists, willing to share their works. The place is suitable for companies, needing to promote a cause in a sophisticated atmosphere. Prominent public figures may present their ideas and concepts in cozy surroundings. UBB Gallery is the epitome of the institution's values with regard to contemporary sustainable development and integration. This artistic place unveils KBC Group's aspiration to keep traditions alive, while simultaneously upholding innovations.      

Events at UBB Gallery:

Official opening of UBB Gallery

Johan Thijs, Chief Executive Officer of KBC Group, Peter Andronov, Chief Executive Officer of UBB and His Excellency François Bontemps, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to Bulgaria, officially opened UBB Gallery in October 2018. The artistic space, which until recently housed UBB’s Head Office, has been thoroughly redesigned in a manner, suitable for organizing various exhibitions and art events at 5, Sveta Sofia Str. The first exhibition in UBB Gallery comprised more than 30 paintings by well-known artists and objects of antique value. The oldest painting dates back to the beginning of 20th century - Army Supply Wagons, 1917 painted by Vasil Marinov. Another intriguing painting is an art piece by Hristo Kavarnaliev. This work actually integrates two paintings (Sea and Marine Landscape), so a special frame with a stand was prepared for the exhibition, allowing it to be seen from both sides. Other artists taking part in the exhibition of UBB’s Gold Fund include the following - Anastasia Panayotova, Antoniy Sofev, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev, Marko Monev, Konstantin Tringov, Radomir Mandov. Along with the shown paintings, there was a collection of antiques including wall clocks and typewriters. The artworks and antiques occupied a focal place in the various branches of the financial institution through the years. That is the idea behind their public display today - a continuation of UBB's support for Bulgarian culture and arts.

Exhibition of children's drawings

In December 2018 United for Charity Association and the UBB Trade Union organized an exhibition of children’s drawings on the following topic: “Bulgarian nature in spring - miraculous shapes and colours”. The exposition is part of the traditional My Family’s Drawing contest, which involves employees from the KBC Group companies, their children and relatives. All drawings were exhibited for charity purposes and the raised funds were provided to the associations.

“55” Exhibition

At the beginning of February 2019 UBB Gallery hosted the first exhibition of a visiting artist. The contemporary painter Vladimir Zapryanov presented his "55” Exhibition, dedicated to his personal anniversary. The exhibition included 30 artworks, representing his inspirations and quests. Zapryanov's works demonstrate the monumental sense of the author, combined with his maturity. The exhibition was open to visitors from 6th to 26th February 2019. The first exhibition of a visiting artist at UBB Gallery embodied UBB's endeavour to support Bulgarian art by making it available for this country’s citizens and visitors.

Exhibition “Digital Ink”

In April 2019, UBB Gallery presented an innovative exhibition of augmented reality (AR) pictures. Via a special application, six graphics by contemporary authors will start moving, revealing an enchanting virtual reality. One of the works is specially designed for UBB in line with one of its innovative applications - UBB Mobile. Augmented reality also stirs interest with a virtual portal to another dimension, invisible to the human eye. The modern installation is a combination of art and innovation.