UPAY gives away 32 tablets to clients, who have paid their utility bills through the payment gateway


How about celebrating the holidays without any unpaid bills for electricity, telephone, central heating or internet? Why not cheer at Christmas, New Year’s Eve or January name days with zero payables and with a brand new tablet LENOVO or laptop APPLE MacBook?

This is the chance UPAY provides from 7th December until 31st January to any registered user of the gateway, who is a holder of a credit or debit card of MasterCard/Maestro brand. All a registered cardholder needs to do is pay his/her utility bills through the gateway.  

During the promotion period UPAY will reward on lottery principle some of those who have paid their utility bills through the gateway, by giving away 32 tablets LENOVO TAB 2. At the final stage all payers of utility bills through UPAY will participate in the lot drawing for the big prize - Laptop APPLE MB AIR.

More info about the promotion rules is available here, while the fast and easy registration, as well as the convenient payment of utility bills is accessible via UPAY’s home page.