UPAY and MasterCard have drawn the big prize winner in their bill-paying promotional game


Eight new lucky clients have won tablets, and one payer of utility bills has snatched the big prize - an Apple MB AIR laptop- during the UPAY and MasterCard promotional campaign, closed on 31.01.2016. The lot-drawing for the proud tablet and laptop owners was made in the presence of a notary public out of all registered UPAY clients, who had paid their utility bills with MasterCard or Maestro cards. UBB has already contacted the winners.

The tablet-winners had paid their utility bills over the period 07.12.2015- 31.01.2016. The big winner was drawn out of all UPAY users, who had quickly registered and paid their utility bills via Maestro and MasterCard-branded cards during the promotion’s period.

The campaign has been closed, however taxes and utility bills’ payment continues to be fast and easy via the UPAY gateway. See how at https://ubbpay.bg/.