UBB with a new offer of 5.50% variable interest rate on mortgage loans in BGN аnd EUR


UBB has announced a new offer of 5.50% variable interest rate on mortgage loans in BGN аnd EUR, targeted at residential property purchase, construction and finishing works, home repair and improvements, as well as refinancing of a mortgage loan, granted by another bank. The interest rate is formed based on a 6-month SOFIBOR / EURIBOR and a fixed margin upon payroll or regular proceeds in a “Comfort” account at the Bank.

The new offers by the Bank have the following preferential terms on banking fees:
  • no application fee

  • no prepaymentfee  

  • fixed credit assessment fee for all approved loans, regardless of the loan amount

UBB clientshave the privilege of obtaining preliminary approval of the loan amount prior to selecting the property they would like to purchase. Upon refinancing an existing mortgage loan by another Bank clients are exempt from credit assessment fee and may be granted auxiliary funds.  
The maximum amount of mortgage loans for residential property purchase is BGN 500 000, or EUR 250 000, with a repayment term up to 35 years.
APR: 5.72% for a mortgage loan with initial loan amount BGN 80 000 / EUR 40 000, repayment period 30 years and variable interest rate of 5.50% with payroll or regular proceeds in a “Comfort” account: monthly instalment on the loan BGN 454.23 / EUR 227.12; total amount due BGN 164 565.23/ EUR 82294.38. Customers should have “Life” and “Property” insurance. The insurance expense is not included in the APR.
Additional information about UBB new loan offers is available here.