UBB provides the option for receipt of Western Union transfers over the phone


March 05, 2015 is the launch date for UBB’s new service - Receipt ofWestern Union transfers over the phone.

The service targets all individualUBB clients, who are holders of either an account with the Bank, or of a UBB credit card and beneficiaries of fund transfers through Western Union.  

UBB has developed this innovative service for the Bulgarian market, thus enabling its clients to receive Western Union transfers in a fast, easy and convenient way via a single call at 0700 117 17 or at *7171 (for subscribers of mobile network operators). 

You are only three steps away from receiving a Western Union transfer over the phone:

  1. Contact our Call Center by dialing 0700 117 17 or *7171 and select initially button 2 – ForIndividuals and then button 3 – For Utility Bills and Western Union Transfers. Your call will be forwarded to a Bank’s official.  
  2. Communicate the 10-digit code of the Western Union transfer.  
  3. State your account or card details for the transfer’s receipt.  

The transferred funds will be at your disposal immediately.  

The new UBB service is accessible every business day from 08.30 a.m. till 05.00 p.m. It practically facilitates clients’ receipt of WU transfers, while saving them the filling-out paperwork, queuing and carrying amounts of cash.

Moreover, UBB clients will enjoy the additional convenience of utilizing WU-transferred funds via a debit or a credit card anytime, anywhere.