2016-2017 Bulgarian Christmas Charity Initiative Re-launch


"Help for children with severe chronic diseases" is the motto of the new campaign of the Bulgarian Christmas charity initiative, held under the patronage of the Republic of Bulgaria’s President.

United Bulgarian Bank is again an upholder of the initiative’s campaign and urges you to support its cause to help children, suffering from severe chronic diseases. This year’s initiatives aims at providing cutting edge high-tech equipment for diagnostics and contemporary treatment to university hospitals and regional treatment facilities with well-established competencies, clear strategy for enhancement of these illnesses’ diagnostics and treatment and operating as referral centers.

The Bulgarian Christmas Initiative will assist in providing diagnostics, including genetic tests, medicational treatment, medical supplies and assistive devices, rehabilitation, speech therapy and psychological therapy to chronically–ill children.

Timely and accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment is of crucial importance to the affected children, as this way only they can grab a chance to get their health condition under control and to become integrated in the society. New diagnostic methods enable timely detection of diseases in early childhood years, thus reducing chronic disease incidents and preventing their severity.

Anyone, willing to join the cause, can do so by:

  • Donating to the account of the Bulgarian Christmas initiative: IBAN BG13UBBS80023300186210, BIC code: UBBSBGSF, for "The Bulgarian Christmas". Donation link for UBB’s e-banking clients: here; donation link for UPAY gateway users: here.
  • You can donate via the virtual POS terminal at the initiative’s website www.bgkoleda.bg
  • You can send an SMS text message to 1117, valid for all mobile network providers.