Time Deposit Opening - Now in UBB e-banking


Clients of UBB e-banking are now able to open Available Funds deposit in a single step.

The service is not only fast, but also entirely free-of-charge, while online deposit applicants will enjoy even more attractive interest rates.

Additionally, all clients willing to open Available Funds deposit may select both the period, as well as the deposit currency. Available Funds may be opened for 6, 12 or 24 months in BGN, Euro or USD with minimum balance of 3000 currency units. All clients, holding a standard current account in the relevant currency or a Comfort account in BGN, can choose to open a time deposit of Available Funds type.

Major advantages of the deposit, which, true, is always available, are:

  • Monthly interest withdrawal  
  • Guaranteed yield even upon prior termination

The innovation belongs to the series of amenities, offered by UBB to its clients over the recent months. Thus, starting August 2015, the Bank has created an opportunity for e-banking users to open Activity current account, enabling real-time monitoring of account balances and movements, as well as easily making fund transfers and payments via their e-banking profile. As regards payments, UBB has introduced a payment option, based on pre-defined templates, non-requiring certificate-based login.  

Further info about these and other UBB e-banking services is available at https://ebb.ubb.bg, while details about the terms and conditions of Available Funds deposit can be found here.