An attempt for phishing attack

Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that UBB clients have received an e-mail message on behalf of the Bank, which demands an update of the client’s profile. The message invites the user to click on a link and to enter personal data, such as names, telephone, e-mail, number, validity, CVV code of a card, etc.

In case you have received such a message, we ask you to immediately delete it without following the link and without entering any data. If you have entered any information, please reach the UBB Contact Center at 0700 11717, short number *7171, or through the feedback form at the Bank’s webpage.

We would like to remind you that UBB will never send its clients e-mail messages, demanding provision of personal data, passwords, card numbers, card validity data, CVV codes and others, to a specific internet address.



UBB team