UBB’s new offers for BGN and FX transfers over the phone


As of May 11, 2015 UBB offers new options for BGN and FX transfers over the phone to/from client accounts or credit cards.

The service is accessible via UBB’s Call Centre at 070011717 and *7171 (for mobile network subscribers) and is available for all individuals – clients of the bank - wishing to make a transfer to either an account or a credit card with UBB.

The new service widens the range of options for performing over-the-phone transactions by natural persons - clients of UBB - who until now were able to transfer money to same holder accounts in both FX and BGN, as well as repay their credit card limits. Along with the new services, UBB also increases the daily limit for transfers over the phone up to BGN 2000 per account. The operations are free of charge, with the exception of FX and BGN transfers within UBB network, as their prices are preferential. 

Over- the-phone services, offered by UBB Call Center to its clients
  • BGN and FX transfer to/from same holder accounts

  • Own credit card limit repayment

  • NEW Transfer to another client’s credit card

  • NEW BGN transfer within UBB network

  • NEW FX transfer within UBB network

How to make an over-the-phone transfer with UBB?
For fast and secure service, over-the-phone transactions will be performed only after identification with a username and one-time password. Clients should be registered for using phone services in advance. The registration can be made at a branch of the bank or by calling 0700 117 17 or *7171 for clients, using UBB E-banking.
Upon dialing the Call Center hotline, clients wishing to make account or credit card transfers should select button 1 for Call Center system login. After entering their username and password they will be able to make transactions of their choice, assisted by a Call Center official.
Further details about Call Center services are available at 070011717 and *7171 (for mobile network subscribers), with additional information regarding UBB’s Fees and Commissions Tarriff for Individuals available at Tariffs for fees and commissions for individual clients.