UBB and the National Museum of Natural History with a new cognitive game, dedicated to Bulgaria’s plants


A new, one-of-a-kind challenge has been designed by UBB and the National Museum of Natural History for the lovers of Bulgarian nature and specifically for those, allured by the life of plants, with one of the most comprehensive educational games to be launched in the social networks.

Over a period of one month on the Bank’s official Facebook page all fans will be able to participate in three games interwoven with the thread of love of botany and of Bulgaria’s plant diversity.

The first challenge will enable the most curious ones to share their questions and answers, related to the life of plants, thus demonstrating encyclopedic knowledge and skills to provoke with interesting and little known facts on grasses, flowers, trees etc. Four of the questions, having been recognized by botanists in the National Museum of Natural History as the highest in terms of scientific worth and fascination, will be awarded special prizes by UBB and the Museum and along with that they will be presented at the joint initiative’s second stage. Then all fans will have the chance to answer correctly to the distinguished questions and once again compete for the Bank and the Museum’s prizes – four awards over the game period.

Along with that, as a leitmotif, underpinning the second phase of the game, all interested in plant diversity will be able, either alone or with their families, to join the sequel of BG Explorer - the interactive game that has already enchanted the audience. Each day during the game’s season participants will be able to answer questions about plants in Bulgaria, grouped in four categories – white, yellow, red and green – as well as not only demonstrate knowledge, but also expand it with the intriguing information, prepared by Ms. Irina Gerasimova, botanist at the National Museum of Natural History. Each week within 1 month three lucky contestants are to win prizes, including a one-time family pass for the NMNH and at the end one of the users will be given the big award of BG Explorer 2.

This cognitive game stands the second joint venture between UBB and the National Museum of Natural History, following last year’s joint celebration of NMNH’s 125-th anniversary, while presenting in an attractive and intelligible way Bulgaria’s animal biodiversity. The high level of interest and the immense appreciation by the audience paved the game’s way to the finals of the prestigious Bulgarian Web Awards competition.

More information on this game’s new season is available here.