Online deposit and account opening


UBB AD has enabled one-click online opening of Available Funds time deposits and Activity current accounts.

This service is not only fast, but also utterly free-of-charge. The products, offered via online banking will bear higher interest than their analogues, offered at the Bank’s branch network. 

  • Clients, willing to open online an Available Funds time deposit, can choose a period of 6, 12 or 24 months, as well as select among the following deposit currencies: Bulgarian leva (BGN), euro (EUR) or US Dollars (USD). The available minimum opening balance should be 3 000 currency units.

The only condition is that the client should have opened a standard current account in the respective currency, or a “Comfort” account in Bulgarian leva.

Main advantages of the deposit, which funds are, indeed, always available:

  • You receive interest payment every month.
  • Guaranteed profitability even in case of the deposit’s early termination
  • Attractive interest rates for deposits, opened through UBB’s e-banking:


6 months

12 months

24 months













  • Activity current account opening is entirely free-of-charge and clients will have the opportunity to select the account currency, while choosing among BGN, EUR or USD. Following the online account opening clients will be able to monitor their account balances and movements in real time, as well as freely execute transfers and payments via the Bank’s e-banking.

Some of the account’s additional advantages are, as follows: 

  • The Bank will refund the monthly fee upon execution of more than 10 debit transactions within a calendar month – outgoing fund transfers through e-banking, utility bills’ payment, withdrawals and payments via a debit card, issued to the account.
  • Option for direct online payment of utility bills.  
  • Option for payment under templates, created in advance, without the need to log in with a certificate.
  • Differentiated interest rate, depending on the account balance.
  • Attractive interest rates for accounts, opened through UBB’s e-banking:  

Daily account balance




100 - 2 500


Over 2 500





Further details on the terms and conditions of Available Funds time deposits are available here, while info on Activity current accounts can be found here.

Further information on the above and other services, rendered via UBB’s e-banking, are also accessible at,