E-Banking without certificate


For our clients’ ease UBB provides a new, additional option for access to active operations via e-banking – without a certificate, by retaining the utmost level of security. In effect from 18.12.2017 you can effect and sign transactions without a personal certificate, regardless of the used browser, in a quick, secure and convenient manner as until now.

Now it is no longer needed to download a new or reissue your expiring certificate!

The confirmation of transactions to new accounts will be made with a new type, uniquely generated dynamic code for the respective payment. The unique code will be sent as an SMS message together with the transaction details to a mobile phone number for e-banking purposes, indicated in advance by the client. 

UBB clients, using their e-banking with a software or a hardware U-code, may continue doing so without any certificate, too.


  1. Enter your user name in e-banking, a valid password and tick “Active Operations”.
  2. Enter a dynamic password from an SMS or a software/hardware U-code, in accordance with a preselected by you authentication method.
  3. If the payment is to a new account, please confirm it with the received SMS password.

The new functionality may be used by both individual, as well as business clients of the Bank, as they need to have indicated a mobile phone number for the service. You may provide or update your mobile phone number by:

  • Calling to the Customer Service Center during the Bank’s business hours for individual clients 
  • Filling out a Data Amendment Card, signed by the company’s legal representative at a UBB branch, servicing business clients

The launching of this new method for using our e-banking is yet another step towards improvement of the services we offer, in view of having them even more effectively tailored to your needs.