The Christmas shopping has already started with the UWIN programme and HIPPOLAND


Holders of UBB credit cards has already started shopping actively for the Christmas holidays, share UWIN programme partners, among which the HIPPOLAND toy store chain.

After joining the UBB UWIN loyalty program, the chain granted all holders of UBB credit cards a 2% bonus* when shopping at the stores as well as a 5% discount off the price** of each purchase paid with UBB credit or debit card.

In order to make the choice of gifts easier, HIPPOLAND has prepared a special catalogue with offers for the upcoming holidays, available here

The Christmas shopping has also started at the rest of the merchant-partner stores of the UWIN programme. More information about them could be found here.

*Bonus is calculated based on the final price of a purchase paid with a credit card. Upon a purchase paid with a debit card, a 2% bonus under the UWIN programme is not accumulated.

**Discount is provided immediately before payment and is applied only to products which are not on sale or which are outside their promotional period.