UPAY launches a new service for its users

  • Thanks to the gateway’s email messages every registered client will be able to track his/her payments and pending obligations, while UBB clients will be also able to track the movement on their accounts and credit cards.

All registered UPAY users will now be able to receive е-mail notifications about their payments and activities’ record in the UPAY payment gateway (https://www.ubbpay.bg/).

This service is part of UPAY’s consistent policy for developing the payment gateway by constantly adding new features which will make it accessible anytime anywhere.

Thus, along with its basic functionalities, the new service will allow registered users to also view through their e-mail the pending payments to utility companies. Furthermore, users will be informed about the novelties in UPAY, as well as about the development of additional features to the already existing gateway services.

The payment gateway provides UBB clients with an additional opportunity through which they will be able to receive statements on their credit cards and accounts.

Detailed description of the message types can be found in the gateway’s Help section, as well in the updated UPAY General Terms, while the information about the security measures which UPAY undertakes to protect its users, is available in the payment gateway’s Security section.