UBB renders its support for holding the World Rowing Championship in Plovdiv


Since 2008 the Bank has been a general sponsor of rowing, a sport that has brought about the greatest sporting achievements to Bulgaria.

The World Rowing Championship for men and women – non-Olympic disciplines - and juniors will be held with the support of United Bulgarian Bank (UBB AD) from 15th until 19th August 2012 in Plovdiv town, as over 1200 athletes from 57 countries are expected to take part in the event. UBB AD support for the championship is part of the Bank’s overall commitment as a general sponsor of the Bulgarian Rowing Federation, as well as of its engagement with the development of sports in Bulgaria. 
“Rowing is one of the sporting disciplines that have brought about the biggest world and Olympic achievements to Bulgaria and that is the reason why UBB AD is proud of being a part of these achievements. This is a sport that develops the team spirit, perseverance and dedication – values which the Bank believes in and which development it supports and encourages”, Anka Kostova, Manager of the PR and Sponsorship Unit in UBB AD, says.
UBB AD has been a general sponsor of the Bulgarian Rowing Federation since 2008. With the support of the Bank rowing championships are hosted annually in this country, including the National Children’s Rowing Regatta on rowing simulators (ergometers), which aim is to stimulate and promote popular sports among school-age children and thus conduct a comprehensive training of athletes and rowing contestants.
For a second consecutive year Plovdiv town will host an important event of this kind, part of the world rowing calendar. Hosting rowing championships in the recent years, with UBB AD as a general sponsor, helps bring up the prestige of Bulgaria as an important centre for development of sports, as well as it contributes to its image of a country where the support for sports is a priority of both the public as well as of the corporate sector. Plovdiv town, in its turn, continues to variegate its image of not only an economic and cultural, but also of an important sports center of Bulgaria.
The event program during the initial two days of the World Rowing Championship in Plovdiv features races and repechages. On Friday, 17 August, repechages, quarterfinals and semifinals of the various disciplines will be held. The culmination on the Rowing channel will happen on 18 and 19 August, when the champions of the rowing disciplines will be determined.
During the World Championship boys will try their strength on Single Scull, Pair without Coxswain and Double Scull, Four Without Coxswain, Four With Coxswain and Quad Scull, as well as Eight with Coxswain. Girls will compete on Single Scull, Pair without Coxswain, Double Scull, Four Without Coxswain, Quad Scull и Eight with Coxswain. Men will race on Pair with Coxswain, and in the lightweight class races will be held on Single Scull, Pair without Coxswain, Quad Scull and Eight with Coxswain for men and on Single Scull and Quad Scull for women.
Apart from the Bulgarian Rowing Federation UBB AD is also a general sponsor of yet another sports federation – the Bulgarian Biathlon Federation, which representatives are also among the athletes who have brought about the greatest sporting glory to Bulgaria. Along with competitions and tournaments, UBB AD also supports cultural events, festivals, campaigns and initiatives, aiming at the preservation of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage, as well as events, intended for children.