UBB offers enhanced security for servicing its Call Center clients


On 18.03.2013, a new manner for Identification of clients, using services via the telephone, is being launched. We offer identification via a User number and a One-time password /generated by a U-code device or an SMS/ for clients who wish to be serviced with priority, as well as for such effecting financial transactions. Preliminary registration is needed for this purpose at any branch of the Bank, or at 0700 117 17.

Every client who registers to use services via the telephone in any branch of the Bank shall receive a free-of-charge U-code device for generating one-time passwords. This promotion is valid until the end of the year 2013. In case that the client already has a U-Code device for generating one-time passwords, he/she may use it both for effecting over-the-phone transactions, as well as for online banking.

The new manner of identification will give us the opportunity to offer shortly new financial transactions over the phone and also to increase the daily limits for making over-the-telephone fund transfers.

Since 14.05.2013 the new manner of identification will become mandatory for all financial transactions via UBB’s Call Center. Clients, willing to make over-the-phone transfers shall have to provide their User number and one-time password during their conversation with the Call center.

In order to facilitate our clients during the transition period to the new identification approach, we will ensure the option for effecting financial transactions by a Personal Identity Number / client number and some controlling questions, as we do now.

Clients’ identification by a User number and a one-time password guarantees a quick and secure service over the phone.