Partnership between Prenatest and UBB offers affordable deferment of medical service payment


The newest DNA test in the medical examinations for expectant mothers – Prenatest - may be purchased through a credit card at 0% interest rate. This has become possible due to the partnership with United Bulgarian Bank. The opportunity of paying with a UBB credit card for a prenatal health service and in particular – of a DNA test for non-invasive prenatal diagnostics - is a flexible financial solution for all future parents, seeking more favourable conditions for access to the newest test during gestation.

Prenatest, the newest genetic test in the prenatal care for expectant mothers, may be purchased in installments through a credit card from UBB AD at 0% interest rate. This is a brand new service on this country’s banking market. It considerably facilitates the access of future parents to the most modern medical test in the area of non- invasive prenatal care.
Created to expand consumers’ opportunities in the choice of high quality goods and to offer a flexible shopping alternative the credit card by United Bulgarian Bank may now be used for health services as well. Prenatest may be paid at a POS with a credit card by UBB AD. The payment will be deferred in 12 equal monthly interest-free installments. The card should have a sufficient disposable credit limit to cover the price of the test. 
Prenatest is an international innovation among safe and painless checks for the most common genetic abnormalities - Down Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Patau Syndrome. This year the test is already available for Bulgarian patients and to date it has been performed on over 120 expectant mothers. Its main advantages over other tests for genetic abnormalities are (1) its non-invasiveness and lack of any risk – Prenatest is performed by taking a blood sample only and (2) the high accuracy percentage of the result, guaranteed by the test – 99%.
The test is available in Bulgaria at the price of BGN 2500. With the purpose to enhance its affordability the Prenatest representative for Bulgaria together with UBB AD have launched a partnership for interest-free crediting of this medical test. Further information on the terms and conditions for purchase may be obtained in the Bank’s branch network, as well as at