UBB Bonus campaign for all credit card purchases at petrol stations throughout the country


Save from your fuel expense by paying with a UBB credit card!

UBB will again reimburse 3% of the value of each purchase paid with a UBB credit card at the petrol stations across the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and accounted within the period from 01/05/2013 till 30/06/2013.

Eligible for participation in the campaign are cardholders of Visa Classic, MasterCard Standard, Visa Gold, MasterCard Gold, UBB Globul MasterCard and Visa Electron.

The maximum amount for a transaction to be bonused is BGN 250 inclusive. 

The maximum amount of bonused transactions under one credit card is BGN 2000.

The bonus for accounted payments performed within the period from 01/05/2013 to 30/06/2013 will be paid one-off after 15/07/2013 to all clients without past due payables as of that moment.