For yet another year and with UBB support Apollonia transformsSozopol town into a summer capital of culture

  • Beloslava will be awarded with UBB’s special prize at the festivals opening on August 31st  
For yet another year Sozopol town will be transformed into a summer capital of culture in the days between August 30th and September 8th, when it will host the 2012 Apollonia Festival of Arts. A traditional partner of this event is United Bulgarian Bank (UBB), which support for an 18th consecutive year provides the Bulgarian audience with the opportunity of enjoying unforgettable cultural events and unique art atmosphere, bringing together at one place some of the most famous musicians, theater actors, artists, writers and moviemakers as well as their fans.
This year’s Apollonia ten-day program features a total of 67 diverse and interesting initiatives, organized by Apollonia Foundation and Sozopol Municipality. The town’s amphitheater will host a total of 9 concerts, the first of which– on August 31st  - is supposed to officially open the festival itself. On this day the stage will be graced by the world-famous diva Alexandrina Pendachanska, who will delight the Bulgarian audience with her performances, accompanied by the pianist Lyudmil Angelov. Apollonia’s official opening will coincide with awarding the traditional prizes. UBB’s special prize this year goes to the popular and beloved pop performer Beloslava, having become one of the emblems of Bulgarian music over the past two decades.
Also on August 31st the author of a photo from previous festivals will become known, who will be awarded the big prize in My Apollonia photo contest, organized by Apollonia Foundation and UBB. Over 35 original photos with captured unforgettable moments of the festival events from Y1984 until the present have been submitted for participation so far and their submission deadline is August 29th inclusive. The winner will receive a cash prize, provided by UBB and the selection will be made through voting on Apolonia’s webpage in Facebookwhich will also continue for yet another day. Prize–passes for events from the festival program have been ensured for the first and second runner-ups, too.,
„UBB’s traditional partnership with Apollonia is one of the main focal points in the bank’s sponsorship program. We are aware of the fact that with the support provided by us, we make this unique event happen, which gives an opportunity to a wide range of people to touch in live contemporary Bulgarian art and experience one-of-a-kind emotions “, Anka Kostova, Manager of UBB Public Relations and Sponsorship Unit, commented. “We hope that in the year when UBB celebrates its 20th anniversary on the Bulgarian market, the festival will be even more splendid and more fascinating than ever”, she added.
Within the days to follow Apollonia’s opening, the audience may attend in the Amphitheater the concerts of Angel Zaberski Big Band Brass Association, Vassil Petrov, Akaga featuring Lyubo Kirov, Mariana Popova and Dani Milev, Nayden Kirov Folkdance Theater from Rousse town with Kamen Donev’s special guest appearance and many others. Dublin Gospel Choir arrives for an exclusive appearance at Apollonia 2012 – this is one of the few bands working with celebrities of the world music scene, such as Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, John Legend, Damien Rice. With its incredible sound and impressive interpretations the choir attracts a numerous audience and is one of the most famous and favourite choirs in Ireland as well as in many other countries.   
Apart from that, music fans will be able to enjoy 8 concerts to be performed in UBB Club during the days of Apollonia. Hilda Kazasyan together with Zhivko Petrov, Michail Yosiffov, Milen Kyukosharov and Hristo Yotzov will perform live on 2nd September. A day earlier, the club will host a concert by the Pedro Negresku Jazz Trio (Romania), Steve Hamilton (Great Britain), and Hristo Yotzov. Militza Gladnishka, Eva Quartet, TRI O FIVE, Kamelia Voce are among the other performers that music fans will be able to hear in UBB Club.
Another 9 concerts will also be held in the Archeological Museum in Sozopol town. The museum halls will be filled with the sound of Spanish fire concert by Yan Maxin (cello) and Ani Gogova (piano); of a concert dedicated to Edith Piaf, performed by Maria Elena Infantino (Italy) and Georgi Slavchev, Frosh String Quartet, the soprano Tsvetana Bandalovska, accopmpanied by Vesko Stambolov on the piano, the guitar duo Tzvetan Nedyalkov and Vesko Koychev, the violinists from Mincho Minchev’s master class etc.

The program of Apollonia also features interesting theatre productions, which will be presented on stage at the Otetz Paisii Cultural Centre. There will be guest productions by Plovdiv Drama Theatre – Doll’s House, Sofia Theatre – Tiramisu, Nikolay Binev Youth Theatre with two productions – Love Song and Love and Money, Little City Theatre Off the Channel with Golden Bridges and Sequoia, directed by Bina Haralampieva and Civilization Semi-understood, directed by Tedi Moskov etc.
The fans of the Seventh Art will also be able to enjoy impressive titles. One of the movies that will be shown in the cinema at Otetz Paisii Cultural Centre is Komi, the People documentary, directed by Petar Popzlatev and with cinematography by Emil Hristov, shot in the mid 80’s and then secretly banned and considered destroyed. The movie will now have its first performance in front of the Apollonia audience. Face to Face with Agripina, directed by Nayo Titzin, The Boy Who Was King, by Andrey Paunov, I am You, by the director Petar Popzlatev and Violeta, Zhoro and I, by the director Lyubomir Popov are some of the other titles that viewers will watch.
The Art Gallery in the Old Town will host 3 exhibitions and 17 book promotions and literary readings. Alek Popov, Milen Ruskov, Mirela Ivanova etc. will present excerpts of their works. The audience will have the opportunity to meet the recently popular throughout Europe FYROM-born poet Nikola Madzhirov, who will present his poems from the Relocated Stone poetry book.
Along with the above the streets of Sozopol town will also be decorated with the paintings of the Colours of Day and Night Students’ Project, which vision will differ during daytime and at night thanks to special effects. Within the Apollonia Kids, the international Spiritual Mirror Society will present children’s achievements in various international competitions.