A new partner has joined UBB’s Loyalty Programme for credit card holders (more)

UBB offers new mortgage loans for refinancing purposes, without charging application and approval fees (more)

UBB cardholders of personal debit and credit cards may experience unique moments with a friend by winning tickets for TOTO’s Sofia concerton 28 June 2015 (more)

UBB clients can now effect electronically most popular transactions without a certificate (more)

UBB Cardholder Loyalty Program – now with a cutting-edge platform (more)

UBB’s new offers for BGN and FX transfers over the phone (more)

UBB’s working hours on Valour Day – 6th May (more)

UBB’s working hours on the International Workers’ Day – 1st May (more)

UBB to enter the contactless payments market (more)

UBB‘s working hours during Easter holidays (more)

United Bulgarian Bank with new members in the Board of Directors (more)

Reissuance of Maestro and MasterCard debit cards with new Debit MasterCard (more)

UBB launches an Energy Efficiency consumer loanunder the Residential Energy Efficiency Credit Line (REECL) (more)

10% first purchase bonus with the new credit cards from UBB (more)

UBB provides the option for receipt of Western Union transfers over the phone (more)

Easy and convenient real-time payment of municipal taxes and fees for everyone (more)

UBB with a new offer of 5.50% variable interest rate on mortgage loans in BGN аnd EUR (more)

UBB’s working hours during the non-business days on the occasion of Bulgaria’s National Holiday – 3rd March (more)

UBB offers 0% interest for credit card purchases in 6 or 12 installments (more)

UBB with a new offer with 4.90% fixed interest rate on mortgage loans in BGN (more)

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