Amendment to the Interest Rates Tariff for Individuals – Change in “Open deposit” (more)

The new mortage loan from UBB with even better conditions (more)

BSE - privatization (more)

Re-registration with the Commercial Register (more)

UBB launches a „3% cash back“ campaign for credit cards (more)

UBB extends the promotional terms on mortgage loans by the year-end (more)

"Open deposits" with UBB (more)

Hotel Perun - Sale (more)

UBB launches the JEREMIE lending initiative (more)

UBB decrease the minimum payment for all credit cards. (more)

United Bulgarian Bank reports net profit of BGN 64 million for 2010 (more)

UBB Factoring launched its new website (more)

. (more)

UBB with Deposit of the year award (more)

Amendment to the Interest Rates Tariff for Individuals - 7-th May – change in the savings products. (more)

UBB Sponsorship & Corporate Social Responsibility Activities 2010 (more)

UBB introduces lower interest rate on its mortgage loans in EUR and BGN (more)

Payment by credit card of utility bills (more)

UBB Allocates 1999 Profit for Dividend Pay-out (more)

National Bank of Greece Acquires 89.9% of United Bulgarian Bank (more)

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