New merchant partners under the U WIN program (more)

Amendment to the Fees and Commissions Tariff for Individuals from 08.7.2013 (more)

Amendment to the Interest Rates Tariff for Individuals` Accounts as of 8th of July 2013 (more)

Interview of Mr. Stilian Vatev, Chairman Of UBB’s Board Of Directors And Chief Executive Officer for Capital Weekly (more)

UBB working hours - 01 - 06 may 2013 (more)

UBB offers the opportunity for renouncement of paper statements for credit cards or OK loans (more)

UBB Bonus campaign for all credit card purchases at petrol stations throughout the country (more)

UBB’s clients with an opportunity for paying taxes and fees to Sofia Municipality in real time (more)

UBB introduces amendments to the Fees and Commissions Tariff for Individuals (more)

UBB reduces the interest rates for new mortgage loans down to 6.20% in BGN and EUR (more)

UBB offers enhanced security for servicing its Call Center clients (more)

UBB AD is the General sponsor of the 10thanniversary edition of March Music Days in Rousse (more)

Changes of Interest Rates of Open account. (more)

UBB’s CEO and Chairman of MB Stilian Vatev with an interview for (more)

UBB standard consumer loans with lower interest rates (more)

Upgrade of UBB card payments system (more)

UBB bestows enhanced security on its clients, who have activated Internet banking for payment purposes (more)

UBB initiates an environment awareness campaign by suspending the sending of paper account statements (more)

UBB received a special honorary plaque for its support for the Bulgarian Biathlon (more)

United Bulgarian Bank with new Board of Directors’ members (more)

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