UBB awards Kamen Donev at Apollonia Festival of Arts (more)

The WORLD REFRAMED IN A FLAG photo contest closed (more)

Promotional campaign for newly issued VISA credit cards from UBB (more)

Amendments in the Interest Rates of Open account effective from 14 October 2013 (more)

UBB and EBRD have signed 4 new agreements in support of businesses and households (more)

UBB launches consumer loans with a fixed interest rate over the entire loan period (more)

UBB provides an opportunity for payment of taxes and fees in real time also to Lyubimetz, Momchilgrad and Byala Slatina municipalities (more)

UBB AD reports the recent post-crisis year with a loss in the amount of BGN 40.6 million, after allocating provisions (more)

Amendments in the Interest Rates of Open account effective from 16 September 2013 (more)

UBB Opens “The Spirit of Traditions” photo exhibition (more)

The Golden Thrace – Images of Deities, People and Animals exhibition displayed on the pedestrian overpass at the National Palace of Culture (more)

Certificate of Appreciation to UBB AD for its support under the Photography for the Little Ones Initiative (more)

OTC Trades on 03 June 2013 (more)

UBB AD has won two prizes in this year’s PR 2013 Priz Competition (more)

A 12-day theatre marathon of world rank starts on June 1st with UBB’s support (more)

UBB’s campaign for providing free-of-charge U-code devices expires on 31 May 2013 (more)

UBB working time from 24 till 26 May 2013 (more)

UBB AD awarded a special cheque to Krasimir Anev, the bronze medalist from the biathlon in Bansko (more)

OTC Trades on 22 May 2013 (more)

Now UBB’s clients can download as a file their account and credit card statements from e-banking (more)

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