Revolving Credit Line

A short-term loan for financing needs of working capital with a determined limit and term and an option for multiple drowdowns and repayments. The Bank will determine a limit from which you can transfer funds to your current account at a branch of the bank or through E-banking.


  • Flexible option for covering working capital needs; 
  • Option for multiple extesion of deadline; 
  • No reqirement for limit repayment prior to deadline extension;
  • Option to use a certain limit without collateral;
  • Option for price discounts  upon using other services.

Product Parameters

Loan purpose: a short-term loan for day-to-day needs with an option for multiple drawdowns and repayments.

Minimum amount: BGN 2 000 for an unsecured limit/ BGN 5000 for a secured limit.

Currency: BGN

Maximum amount: BGN 40 000 for an unsecured limit/ BGN 300 000 for a secured limit.

Term: 12 months with an option for multiple extension of deadline.


  • Mortgage on a real estate;
  • Pledge on machines, equipment, vehicles;
  • Blocked cash funds in an account with the bank.
  • No collateral.

Once a month you repay a minimum of 2% of the total utilized loan portion.

Interest: Interest accrual on loans will be made in accordance with the approved methodology for the Reference Interest Rate (RIR), used by United Bulgarian Bank AD for determining the variable interest rate on loans to Micro business clients.

Fees and commissions: As per the Bank’s Tariff for Business Clients.

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